Kenneth G. Bennett


The story begins with The Gaia Wars and continues with Battle for Cascadia, available on Amazon now!

Thirteen-year-old Warren Wilkes lives in the verdant Clement Valley, an idyllic land in the arms of the snow-covered Cascade Mountains of Washington State.

Warren and most of his fellow valley residents love their home.  But their relationship with the Clement is nothing compared with what the valley’s original inhabitants enjoyed.

The Clement’s First People bonded with a power within the Earth, so unique and precious that the relationship formed the center of their existence for more than five hundred generations.

The relationship thrived, until visitors came, and with them—concealed—an evil bent on enslavement and domination.

The evil was rebuffed once.  Now it’s back, waking up an army hidden in the soil ages earlier, more powerful and determined than ever.

The coming terror will mean an end to peace in the valley and far beyond.  As Warren learns of his strange connection to the rising darkness, he must step into the battle and assume a pivotal role in the war to come, or perish in the attempt.